How do I pay for my order?

1. You can make payment by credit or debit card at the time of order.

2. You do have an option to pay for your order after you receive it. If you choose this option, you will be sent an invoice with your order and full details of how to pay are included on that invoice. For ease of reference, here are the payment options available:

a. Internet & Telephone Banking – Account Number 22048647 and Sort Code 40-26-12. Please ensure you enter or quote your ten digit Customer Number (beginning ‘60’) as the payment reference. Your Customer Number can be found at the top right of your invoice.

b. Direct Debit – please call our Payment Team on 0800 037 4321.

c. Cheque or Postal Order – please send, together with the remittance slip on your invoice, to:

Freepost Plus RTAL-XACT-RGZE
LMO Processing Centre
PO Box 89
CF40 9BJ

d. Credit or Debit Card – either by post to the address above (please include remittance slip on your invoice) or by calling our Payment Team on 0800 037 4321 (Monday to Friday 0900 – 1730).

What if I have a question about my order?
Please contact our Customer Care Team via email (customercare@londonmintoffice.org) or by calling 0845 120 3086.

By ordering the FOR ALL SEAFARERS silver coin, am I tied-in to an ongoing collection?
No. The London Mint Office is proud to offer a wide range of related items that have been created to celebrate The Battle of the Atlantic. By ordering your Battle of the Atlantic ‘For All Seafarers coin’, you will not be 'locked-in' to any future orders. Related items may be made available to you but you are not under any obligation to place any further orders or make further payments (other than for your original order).

I'm outside the UK, can I still place an order? 
Unfortunately, the London Mint Office cannot fulfil orders to addresses outside of the United Kingdom. However, we are able to fulfil orders to BFPO addresses.

What is the redemption policy for the £20 face value coin?
For all questions and queries regarding the £20 'For All Seafarers' coin redemption policy please visit the Redemption policy link in the footer of the webpage.

Where is the WWII silver from?
The silver originates from the British merchant steamer SS Gairsoppa (1919-1941). On what was to become her final voyage, the Merchant Navy vessel was returning from Calcutta in India to Liverpool with a secret cargo of silver ingots. On 16 February 1941 she was torpedoed and sunk by the German U-boat U-101, and silver bullion equivalent to over $40 million in contemporary silver value disappeared into the ocean depths southwest of Ireland. The great British silver treasure finally came to rest 4,700 meters below the surface – nearly 1,000 meters deeper than the Titanic, and all hope of recovery was soon abandoned.

When was the WWII silver recovered?
After being awarded the exclusive salvage contract for the cargo of the SS Gairsoppa by the United Kingdom Government Department for Transport in 2010, Odyssey Marine Exploration begun its offshore search for the long-lost wreck from the Second World War. During 2012 and 2013, after more than 70 years on the seabed the WWII silver was located and brought to the surface, and thanks to advanced modern technology it is one of the deepest successful shipwreck recovery operations ever.

Who are the Merchant Navy Association?
The Merchant Navy Association is a charitable and volunteer run organization founded by two war time veterans.  Those who served in the “Fourth Service” during both world wars felt MERCHANT SEAFARERS had been largely unacknowledged and certainly undervalued for far too many years. A new national lobby was formed, on behalf of merchant seafarers, to challenge the Government, and others, towards greater awareness of our maritime heritage and the contribution of merchant seafarers and fishermen in achieving the freedoms this country still enjoys. The partnership with the London Mint Office is an opportunity to share this historical knowledge and recognition to the forgotten fourth service.

Who are The London Mint Office?
The London Mint Office is the official commemorative coin and medal distributor of the Battle of the Atlantic numismatic programme in partnership with the Merchant Navy Association. The London Mint Office is part of Samlerhuset Group, one of Europe’s largest coin companies, founded in 1994 and operating in 14 European countries. This European connection, and the fact that the Group operates in most of the countries which participated in the Battle of the Atlantic, is one of the reasons why the London Mint Office is a fitting distributor to the Battle of the Atlantic numismatic programme.